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NCSF Professional Membership

NCSF Membership


The National Council on Strength and Fitness is a member driven organization, complete with professional support and benefits. A one-year membership is included with the registration of any NCSF CPT preparation course; however you do not need to be certified or currently participating in an NCSF exam preparation course to take advantage of the NCSF member benefits. You can enroll as a non-certified member and enjoy many of the same benefits afforded those who are NCSF certified. The annual membership fee is $65 while current fulltime college students qualify for the $55 student rate. As an NCSF member you will have access to a variety of professional services and programs including:


Profiled NCSF Membership Benefits

On Line and Toll Free Technical Support
NCSF Newsletter (Quarterly)
Personal Trainer App
Professional Liability Insurance Program
Career Center
Personal Trainer Tools
Discounted Continued Education Courses
Member Identification Card
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NCSF - Personal Trainer App

NCSF Personal Trainer App

The NCSF Personal Trainer App provides immediate information to optimize your training experience. Easily calculate the resistance for your client’s next set, determine the percentage of effort per exercise, or identify the nutritional needs of your client following an exercise bout based on caloric expenditure. The Personal Trainer App provides essential information to maximize the time-effort relationship, create more effective programs, adjust intensities, and determine physiological metrics to demonstrate results. Put the science into your workouts without lengthy, long-hand calculations or textbooks. Evidence-based, peer-reviewed data meets technology, allowing you to simply plug and program. The Personal Trainer App will allow you to track physical performance, provide clients with instant feedback, and complete 11 different calculations in any fitness setting.

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