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Professional Tools to Enhance your Career

Work can be challenging. Successful fitness professionals leverage the right business tools to meet those demands head on. What are you waiting for?

Journal of Personal Training

Industry leading quarterly publication featuring the latest training, programming, and nutritional information conveniently delivered to your inbox and account.

Discounted CEU Courses

Expand your repertoire of skills and save 10% on all courses in the NCSF CEU library.

Career Center

Search and find the best jobs, employers, and career paths in your area.

Fitness Business Software

Trusted by over 20,000+ personal trainers and coaches. Try your 14-day free trial + 50% off TrueCoach for 6 months for all NCSF Members.

Discounted Liability Insurance Program

Save up to 50% on your insurance premiums. Get the coverage you need at the most attractive rates available.

Technical Support

Instructors are available via online Chat or phone to answer questions related to exam preparation, client programming, or career advice.

Personal Trainer Tools

Helpful tools that include a video instruction library, professional forms, online articles as well as an archive of the Journal of Personal Training.