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Strength Coach Certification Exam Registration

Candidates can register for the NCSF-CSC Exam at any time. The exam registration fee is $349.00. Once registered for the exam, candidates will be provided a unique eligibility code, allowing them to schedule their exam for the date, time, and location of their choice. The NCSF offers candidates two convenient registration methods.


  • Hold a current NCSF-CPT certification, or
  • A current NCCA-accredited fitness professional certification, or
  • An associate’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university in an exercise profession or related field

Have a question on eligibility? Call 800-772-6273


For your convenience exam registration can be made using our online exam registration service. Simply fill out the online registration form and the NCSF will send you your confirmation.


If you have already paid for your exam, please refer to your test scheduling email provided by the organization upon initial registration. You can also find you exam scheduling instructions under your account details

After you registration for the NCSF-Certified Strength Coach (CSC) Exam, a confirmation email containing your eligibility number, scheduling instructions, and all related documentation required for you to sit for the Certification Exam will be sent.

(Please review the NCSF Exam Policies and Procedures prior to registering for your examination)