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Online CPT Practice Exam I

The Online Personal Trainer Practice Exam 1 provides instant access to this study resource and is designed to resemble the level of difficulty and relative content of the CPT Exam, so that students can self-evaluate their readiness to take the NCSF-CPT board exam. This practice exam has been designed to serve as a valuable study tool, enabling test candidates to address the questions first without seeing the answer and then referring to detailed explanations. This allows the test candidate to evaluate themselves and better understand any items answered incorrectly.
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Online Practice Exam 1 will help test your skills at tackling questions of similar content, emphasis and difficulty as the NCSF-CPT Exam. The questions cover the same proportion of personal training topics as does the actual certification exam. The practice exam also serves as a useful study guide and included with each question is a detailed answer explanation. Each Practice Exam Volume contains all nine course content areas covered on the NCSF-CPT Exam. This way you are able to test your skills on the specific topic areas where you feel you need the most feedback.

Online Practice Examination 1

This volume of the practice exam includes the following personal training-related topics:

Functional Anatomy
15% of CPT Exam
Exercise Physiology
10% of CPT Exam
Physical Activity and Health Promotion
6% of CPT Exam
Screening, Evaluation and Professional Practice
11% of CPT Exam
Considerations for Special Populations
5% of CPT Exam
11% of CPT Exam
Weight Management
7% of CPT Exam
Exercise Prescription and Programming Considerations
19% of CPT Exam
Training Instruction
16% of CPT Exam

CPT Online Practice exam Volume I

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