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Muscle Building Supplements

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Video Series


The development and maintenance of quality muscle requires time and effort. Learn the dietary strategies and supplements that truly work to build and maintain muscle.

This course will provide the dietary know-how for using energy and non-energy supplementation to build muscle including type, time, and daily dosages. Using the latest research and clinical data you will learn the best dietary methods to add lean mass and support ongoing performance adaptations.
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Part One

  • Explore aspects of the supplement industry, including how to choose reputable, high-quality products (e.g., GMP Certified)
  • Understanding the performance and muscle-enhancing qualities of creatine
  • Review the different types of creatine supplements available and potential side effects

Part Two

  • Learn the benefits and muscle-building potential of branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplements

Part Three

  • Explore the potential performance and muscle-building benefits of HMB and beta-alanine
  • Understand the benefits of glutamine supplementation, especially among those under high stress or intense periods of training

Part Four

  • Review optimal protein intake and supplementation recommendations for muscle growth
  • Compare the most popular types of supplemental protein
  • Understand the importance of adequate carbohydrate intake for maintaining muscle mass

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