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Performance Enhancing Drugs - Anabolic Steroids

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Video Series

3 NCSF CEUs (Ethics)

Become familiar with WADA regulated class III drugs – anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS). Learn what they do and how they function.

Learn the purpose and function of anabolic steroids including both anabolic and androgenic effects, ratio, and ergogenic benefits. This course identifies dosages, magnitude of effects and what are commonly stacked for performance relative to sport. It also identifies which drugs aromatize and which have the most dramatic effects.
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Part 1

  • How anabolic steroids work
  • Anabolic-androgenic ratios and ranking product effectiveness
  • Performance benefits and negative side-effects

Part 2

  • Review of popular steroids - Cypionate, Trenbolone, Methandienone, Boldenone, Anadrol-50, and Nandrolone

Part 3

  • Continued review of popular steroids – Winstrol, Anavar, Methasterone, and oral Turinabol

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