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Interactive Workshops

The Workshop Course is an effective component of test preparation, designed specifically for students who prefer a hands-on, learn by doing approach. Our expert instructors guide students through the 2-day, weekend seminar, providing the knowledge and technical skills necessary to pass the certification exam. The workshop complements the comprehensive home-study component to provide optimal certification exam readiness.
List Price:$399.00
The workshop course is bundled with the certification exam in this combo, providing significant savings on your education. The NCSF interactive workshop course was created specifically for those candidates who desire an enhanced learning experience with the all-digital platform. The workshop course option combines easy-to-learn home study lessons with a two-day, hands-on experience to enhance your exam readiness.

The certification exam can be taken online or at your local testing center.
List Price:$799.00$479.00
This comprehensive personal trainer certification option provides the greatest educational value at a significant discount. The hands-on workshop course is combined with our most popular study tools and a voucher for the certification exam. Using the 2-day, content focused workshop, home study materials, and practice tests that mirror the certification exam, students will have optimal preparation for success on the certification exam. This is the ideal package for students interested in interactive learning and maximal exam preparation.

The certification exam can be taken online or at your local testing center.
List Price:$899.00$539.00