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Weight Loss Supplements

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Video Series


These agents are designed to eliminate unwanted weight and promote improved body composition. Learn what over-the-counter supplements and drugs work and which just leave you with a heavy price tag.

People have been looking for the miracle cure for being overweight and obese. Identify what legal products work and how they function albeit metabolic enhancement, appetite suppression or as an energy blocker. This includes foods, supplements and drugs all purported to help one lose weight. The safety and efficacy of each weight loss agent is also covered.
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Part 1

  • Review of dietary supplement use – buyer’s beware market
  • Ineffective supplements
  • Understanding FDA regulation of weight loss supplements
  • Supplement marketing terms
  • Safety concerns and side effects
  • Mechanisms to promote fat loss

Part 2

  • Safe and effective weight loss agent review – caffeine, green tea (EGCG), capsaicin, glucomannan, and conjugated linoleic acid

Part 3

  • Carbohydrate and fat blockers
  • Review of FDA-approved weight loss drugs (e.g., phentermine, orlistat)

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