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Fitness Training During Pregnancy

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Exercise during pregnancy is an important part of a healthy outcome for both mother and baby. Exercise professionals should know risk factors, proper exercise selection and what is contraindicated for safe participation. This program explores the importance of exercise, training intensities and exercise volumes, what to avoid and what is safe, as well as who should not exercise due to complications.

When training pregnant females exercise professionals should understand starting points, qualifications for training intensities and volume as well as exercise selection. Monitoring the program, understanding maternal adaptations, making adjustments across terms and identifying areas for risk are all part of the journey. Learn how to work with this special population in the most safe and effective manner.
  • Details
  • Understand why exercise is considered safe and healthy for pregnant females
  • Identify conditions that require avoiding specific activities during pregnancy (e.g., preeclampsia)
  • Identify the ways by which one adapts to pregnancy that aid in maintaining regular activity levels (e.g., increased metabolism)
  • Explore the ways by which exercise reduces the risk for health issues and birth complications
  • Recognize what activities should be avoided during any pregnancy
  • Identify the safest forms and recommended quantities of structured exercise during pregnancy, including resistance training
  • Recognize warning signs that indicate exercise must be stopped immediately
  • Explore recommendations for discontinuing exercise prior to delivery as well as re-engagement following delivery

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