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Advanced Concepts of Personal Training Textbook (Digital Edition)

The digital edition of the Advanced Concepts of Personal Training textbook is easily accessed from your NCSF account and viewable on your desktop, tablet or smartphone devices. The textbook can contains all theoretical concepts, guidelines, and relevant information necessary to pass the NCSF-CPT Exam. Divided into nine (9) units mirroring the certification exam, the textbook progresses from an introduction of Anatomy and Biomechanics through Nutrition, Weight Management, Exercise Prescription, and Training Instruction, and culminates with Exercise Programming for Special Populations. The textbook features learner-friendly highlights throughout each chapter which practically apply chapter concepts to personal training. Reading the Advanced Concepts of Personal Training textbook and applying the information to the NCSF e-Learning lesson notes will provide you with the information needed to pass the NCSF Certified Personal Trainer Exam and enter the fitness industry as a competent and qualified personal trainer.
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Unit 1 Functional Anatomy
Functional Anatomy
Unit 2 Exercise Physiology
Muscle Physiology
Endocrine System
Cardiovascular Physiology
Unit 3 Heath and Physical Fitness
Physical Fitness and Health
Unit 4 Screening and Evaluation
Pre-Exercise Screening and Test Considerations
Assessment of Physical Fitness
Unit 5 Nutrition
Energy-Yielding Nutrients
Non-Energy Yielding Nutrients
Nutritional Supplementation
Unit 6 Weight Management
Body Composition
Weight Management
Unit 7 Exercise Prescription and Programming Considerations
Exercise Programming Components
Flexibility Assessment and Programming
Programming for Cardiovascular Fitness
Anaerobic Training
Unit 8 Training Instruction
Resistance Training Techniques
Functional Training Concepts
Creating and Exercise Program
Unit 9 Considerations for Special Populations

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