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Advanced Concepts of Strength & Conditioning Textbook(Digital Edition)
Advanced Concepts of Strength & Conditioning Textbook(Digital Edition)
The digital edition of the Advanced Concepts of Strength & Conditioning textbook is the foremost text for up-to-date, evidence-based information in the field of strength and conditioning. The 18 chapters cover relevant topics in the process of developing high-level competency in human performance. The book includes key elements of strength and conditioning including athletic analysis, corrective training methods, speed and power development, all of which culminates in advanced program design. The textbook features program templates for numerous sports as well as strategic methodology for intermittent sport conditioning and training for competitive endurance events. Included with the text are over 150 illustrations of essential Olympic and performance-based lifts and conditioning drills.

In-depth lessons, video demonstrations, and practice exam questions are available in the Certified Strength Coach course models only.
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  • Chapter 1 -- Introduction to Strength & Conditioning
  • Chapter 2 -- Sport Analysis for Program Development
  • Chapter 3 -- Performance Assessment for Elite Athletes
  • Chapter 4 -- Sport Biomechanics
  • Chapter 5 -- Corrective Exercise
  • Chapter 6 -- Sport Metabolism
  • Chapter 7 -- Sport Nutrition
  • Chapter 8 -- Ergogenic Aids
  • Chapter 9 -- Performance Preparation
  • Chapter 10 -- Foundations and Techniques for Olympic Weightlifting
  • Chapter 11 -- Theories and Concepts for Speed, Agility and Quickness Training
  • Chapter 12 -- Technique and Instruction for Speed, Agility and Quickness Training
  • Chapter 13 -- Considerations for Programming
  • Chapter 14 -- Programming for Sport Performance
  • Chapter 15 -- Periodization Methods for Sport
  • Chapter 16 -- Conditioning for Intermittent Sports
  • Chapter 17 -- Training Methods for Endurance Sports
  • Chapter 18 -- Injury Prevention and Return to Competition
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