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Youth & Energy Drinks

Sports drinks and energy drinks have become main stream and the consequent market has erupted in recent years. Hundreds of different brands are now marketed, and according to Drug and Alcohol Dependence (2009) caffeine content ranges from a modest 50 mg to an alarming 505 mg per can or bottle. Mini markets now have whole cooler sections devoted to the products, and if 16 to 20 ounces is a bit much, there is an assortment of shots available at the checkout counter. While energy drinks are marketed more socially, sports drink companies glamorize the products using superstar endorsements. Although an effective marketing scheme, the market reach has exposed children to these products and in some cases the lines are being blurred between sports and energy drink purpose. Children want to be just like their sports heroes and certainly attempt to emulate their lifestyles so that they may someday walk in their footsteps. Based on new research, the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) has outlined how these products are constantly being misused and poorly consumed by the majority of youth athletes.

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