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Weight Loss Metrics

One of the more trying, and yet rewarding components of personal training is assisting clients with successful long-term weight loss. And with 100,000,000 obese individuals in the United States this clientele and specific goal is not going to go away. The old adage of calories-in versus calories-out seems like a logical approach, but is not quite as simple as the statement itself. Most professionals realize that weight management dynamics are more complicated than a basic in and out equation and that the type of activities, albeit movement based or tension based, play a role in both metabolic and endocrine responses, as do the foods and drinks an individual consumes. This being said, the first step to successfully engaging and guiding clients to goal oriented outcomes is to establish tracking metrics. Metrics are quantifiable measures that provide useful information in gauging treatment effectiveness and monitoring changes. For example, to implement the calories in, calories out equation it becomes relevant to be able to measure the factors of thermodynamics - how much energy was put into the body (metric 1) and how much energy was expended by the body (metric 2).

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