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The Reality of Long-term Weight Loss

The New Year brings with it another opportunity to resolve to lose weight and get back the body image of past years or maybe even get into the best shape of one’s life. Conceptually, the possibility exists – roughly 40% of outcome is genetic dependent, while the rest is shear desire, effort, commitment and some knowledge of what to do. Therefore, with a new year and a reasonable gene pool it is not unreasonable to think those weight loss goals can become a reality this time. The real challenge is what is necessary to actually shed stored energy and the time it takes when one acts sensibly. Sure low carb diets can deplete glycogen stores releasing metabolic water making it look like one is losing fat weight and significant caloric restriction can certainly stimulate catabolism as the body’s starvation defense kicks the adrenal glands on to spare sugar, but why go down those paths again?

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