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Relationship between Percent HR Max and Percent VO2 Max

While aerobic exercise is an important fitness component for health and weight management it rarely gets the appropriate emphasis in a program aimed at cardiorespiratory improvements. Whereas most people recognize lifting light weights and performing inadequate volume limits strength gains and related benefits, when it comes to “cardio” people often climb onto a treadmill and start walking without taking into account the training zones in which they should be working. It is not uncommon to see exercisers reading the paper while riding the bike or intently watching a television program on the cardio theatre. As a result, the only physical response they can expect is the production of heat because the intensity is too low for cardiovascular benefits. On the other end of the spectrum is the former athlete who decides to get back in shape; recalling former training volumes they start out at too high an intensity and quit as a result of burnout or injury. Therefore, it stands to reason that to make the most of each bout of exercise, individuals should train in an appropriate and systematic manner.

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