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Professional Ethics

Within any professional environment, sensitive or difficult situations arise which require a decision making process leading to a path of action. The path one follows is based on one or more of the following: an established moral code, written policy or awritten code of ethics and a personal value system. In some cases there is not only one acceptable answer, but this is where ethics, rules and regulations diverge in the best approach to resolution. Rules and regulations are established to deal with a variety of situations and outline a single defined path or response for each. However, some areas may not be so black and white and responding ethically to a situation requires an individual to look objectively at the circumstances and then make a determination based on both logic and sensitivity. A personal trainer with a solid ethical background is able to judge almost any situation and make the right choice for that particular event. Additionally, a personal trainer with a strong value system is likely to make the right choice regardless of the popularity of that decision because he or she has a strong ethical character. To help personal trainers guide and gauge their decisions the NCSF Board for Certification has a published Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practices which define and outline proper professional behavior.

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