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Postural Distortion and Back Pain

The vast majority of American adults have experienced acute low back pain at some point in time, and a notable percentage of them suffer from varied levels of chronic pain. In fact, nearly 90% of adults acknowledge spine pain to their primary physician – most commonly radiating through the lumbar spine area. In response, many visit the local chiropractor for relief but an adjustment may not be what the doctor ordered. Low back pain can be caused by numerous factors ranging from significant pathologies like spinal impingement, to a cancerous tumor, to mechanical issues including congenitally-derived scoliosis. More commonly though low back pain is associated with mechanical issues derived from both hypo and hyperkinetic induced postural deviations. Hypokinetic disease is a fancy way of saying sedentary; individuals that do not move enough will likely be fat and have seated posture issues including weak and shortened hip extensors. Watching television promotes a posterior pelvic tilt and flexed knees, which creates pelvic instability. To the contrary, the chronic exercise enthusiast that has run 10 marathons may stand at the starting line with arched hips, denoting the tight hip flexors (psoas major, iliacus and rectus femoris) common of lower cross syndrome.

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