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Planning for New Clients

Proficiency in exercise science and practical training instruction are necessary to get results through client programs but they may not be enough to get the clients in the first place. Many personal training programs rely heavily on orientations and initial consultations to convert leads into new personal training clients. Although this is a certainly a good opportunity for new clients, never forget about the largest segment of the membership, which sadly is the group of members who use the club the least. These are ideal candidates to pursue for personal training. They obviously care enough about their health and well-being to join a gym, but like most members fall into the fitness attrition cycle because they do not see the results they expected within their preconceived timeframe. Personal trainers should go through the membership lists and identify those individuals who have stopped using the gym or those who have serious inconsistencies. Make a list and designate a period of time to call these leads and plan to make a conversion.

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