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Physicians Can Refer

There have been white papers written, presentations by the Surgeon General, reports by the CDC and NIH, and even financial analysis of the cost associated with the American sedentary lifestyle. Yet very few people use these resources to improve their health, well-being and quality of life. Due to the fact that about 70% of the population has an unhealthy imbalance between fat and lean mass and most get little physical activity if any at all; it should be of no surprise that the regular dialogue from physicians include recommendations of weight loss and exercise participation. This is where a potential disconnect begins. Physicians are trained for treatment-based care, whereas personal trainers are trained for prevention. Who is implementing the strategies to promote weight loss and safe exercise participation based on the recommendation? It certainly is not the physicians. In fact, in many cases the physicians themselves need assistance and in their defense they were not trained to create exercise programs or instruct physical activities; hence the prevalence of physician recommended walking programs. Therefore, much in the manner that a personal trainer needs to refer clients to a physician for exercise clearance in particular situations, a physician should also refer patients to personal trainers when they need assistance in preventative medicine or health based therapies when insurance coverage for medically supervised programs runs out.

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