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Managing your Professional Image

NCSF-CPT credential? Check. CPR/AED certification? Check. The necessary skills and abilities to train an individual effectively? Check. Seems like all the components that make up a successful Certified Personal Trainer are all in place, except for what is perhaps a fundamental, oftentimes overlooked component that separates a knowledgeable trainer from a professional trainer – professionalism. The term professionalism is an all encompassing term used to describe many aspects of an individual – how they dress, how they speak, the way they interact with co-workers and clients, and the manner in which they conduct their business. Regardless of an individual’s aptitude, people who are deciding between two prospective merchants will more often than not select the one they feel exudes the right “feel” or presents the “image” they perceive to be optimal and even if less qualified or not as substantive. You probably wouldn’t hire a Harvard educated lawyer if he came to court in sweatpants and a T-shirt, but you might hire a less qualified lawyer who is dressed in a well tailored suit, carries a leather briefcase and portrays a certain confidence that instills in you, the client, a feeling of comfort and impending effectiveness.

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