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Lift Correctly, Optimize Gains: - Volume II - The Lunge

In this second segment of the “lift correctly – optimize gains” series we will cover aspects related to proper technique during the forward lunge. Lunging exercises of all types are very popular among fitness enthusiasts and offer variety to training the hip and knee. Since most people are not properly instructed on the movement techniques, the actions are commonly performed with movement errors or in a way that creates an elevated risk for connective tissue irritation or acute overuse injury at the knee joint. This is quite unfortunate as the lunge is a very programmatically-useful, closed-chain exercise; activating a number of muscle groups in the lower body and trunk. An added advantage of the lunge movement is the muscle activation and ROM can vary based on the direction of the action and the position of external load. Adjustments allow for improvements in strength and flexibility at the hip, knee and ankle joints when performed correctly. Another relevant aspect of the movement is related to the split stance position used during forward and backward lunging. The exercise action enhances pelvic stability by preventing undesirable tilts of the pelvis during the movement.

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