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Heart Rates for Energy Expenditure

Weight loss is difficult. Not in theory – eat less and move more – but in implementation. One of the major obstacles for most people is the lack of knowledge and/or confusion surrounding caloric intake and expenditure. Most people consume more calories than they realize and burn far less calories than they expect. Knowing what (# of calories) is actually in the foods they consume is one problem and knowing how calories are referenced is another. A breakfast muffin for instance may have 400-600 kcal. While the label says 200 kcals/serving, some overlook that the label also states there are two servings per muffin. At quick glance the calories and fat presented are only half of the actual value. A similar problem occurs in the gym. The Stairclimber shows 300 kcal after a 30 minute workout. In reality, the value is only correct if the individual maintained an upright posture, did not lean on the machine, and maintained proper pace and range on the pedals; or more importantly sustained heart rates. Just like the serving and portion sizes matter in food, heart rate matters when performing continuous exercise aimed at achieving weight loss.

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