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Easy Ways to Increase Caloric Expenditure

Personal training has always been associated with golden handcuffs. Although quality personal trainers provide proper instruction and exercise programs for numerous benefits, the limited contact time presents a ceiling to results. Unlike the “Biggest Loser” clients are completely responsible for their lives outside of the two or three session periods each week. During a one hour session, most clients can burn between 200-400 calories per session. In most cases, the average personal training client does not meet the minimum recommendations for health related physical activity (1000 kcal/week) through exercise with their personal trainer alone. This limitation is exacerbated when clients do not control caloric intakes. It’s often stated that for the 120-180 minutes of training performed with a trainer a week, a client has 9900 minutes a week to ruin the effort. Many people are surprised to find that a person who engages in no structured exercise, but is physically active most days of the week, has a lower risk of weight gain than a personal training client who works out two or three times a week but is otherwise sedentary.

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