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Creating an Action Plan

Physical activity inherently comes with an assumption of risk. It is well documented that even in controlled environments, conducive to the activity being performed and compliant with national standards and guidelines, that unintended events happen. In fact, injury or incident may occur even if the activity has been performed hundreds of times prior to the occurrence of a single negative event. In many cases, the activity itself serves as the trigger, but the event was actually caused by a mix of factors culminating to create the problem or situation. Due to the fact that it is difficult (if not impossible) to account for all possible risk factors that may present a negative event in a given situation, the prudent course of action, following efforts of prevention, is to have a plan to manage the incident. A comprehensive action plan should be constructed to ensure that negative outcomes are minimized or limited to the greatest possible degree in the event of an incident or injury. Several aspects of a plan affect its effectiveness to reduce the impact of the incident. Therefore, the plan should be comprehensive in its development, thoroughly reviewed, competently implemented and practiced, and regularly updated.

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