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Online SNS Exam Prep Flashcards

The NCSF Flashcards can dramatically improve content comprehension and shorten study time in preparation for the SNS exam. Combining a traditional question and answer format with a modern digital layout, the 200 flashcards are proportioned in accordance with the weight of each topic covered on the NCSF-SNS Exam. Ideal for smartphone, tablet, or desktop use.
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Below is the breakdown of flash cards in each of the content areas covered:

Nutrients and Intakes
11% of SNS Exam
Physiological Aspects of Nutrition
18% of SNS Exam
34% of SNS Exam
Micronutrients and Supplementation
17% of SNS Exam
Nutrition and Physiological Adaptations to Exercise
20% of SNS Exam

SNS Online FlashCards

SNS Online FlashCards

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