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Online Sport Nutrition Specialist Practice Exam

The practice exam is designed to present students with a testing experience that will resemble the level of difficulty and specific content areas of the certification exam. This valuable study tool will allow participants to evaluate their readiness for the examination and to become more comfortable with the test content and format. It contains all five content areas covered on the NCSF-SNS test, and with a test question bank of over 200 questions and answers, our randomized system ensures you have a different exam every time you test your knowledge. The program presents the questions first and upon answering presents a detailed explanation of the content thoroughly enhancing the learning experience.
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The practice exam includes the following Sport Nutrition Specialist related topics:

Nutrients and Intakes11%
Physiological Aspects of Nutrition18%
Micronutrients and Supplementation17%
Nutrition and Physiological Adaptations to Exercise20%

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