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Spanish Home Study Course & Exam Combo Package
Spanish Home Study Course & Exam Combo Package
The National Council on Strength & Fitness Spanish Home Study Course & Exam Combo Package provides candidates with a $79.00 educational discount on the cost of the Spanish Home Study Course and includes the fees for the Spanish Certified Personal Trainer exam. This combo package is ideal for those individuals who are looking for a flexible and convenient learning model that can be completed at the candidate’s own pace. Once a candidate completes the course and is comfortable with the topics presented they can then schedule an appointment to take the NCSF-CPT exam at a date, time, and location of their choosing. All test candidates are given a year from their course enrollment date to sit and take the NCSF Certified Personal Trainer exam.
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$79.00 educational discount on the Spanish Home Study Course when you purchase the Spanish Home Study Combo Package!
Upon registration for the NCSF Spanish Personal Training Home Study Course & Exam Combo Package, each candidate is sent a course materials package consisting of the Spanish Personal Trainer Course Textbook, Flashcards, and Practice Examination. Additionally, the combo package includes the step-by-step exam instruction kit that details the exam procedure. As the candidate progresses through the topics they build a knowledge base that is applied during the practice and performance of the outlined training activities. Upon completion of the studies, the candidate simply follows the exam scheduling instructions and sets-up an exam appointment.
Spanish Home Study Course & Exam Combo Package
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