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Why Train Your Calf Muscles
Why Train Your Calf Muscles
The muscles of the calf are often considered “genetic” muscles among fitness enthusiasts, suggesting that one is born with sizable and well developed calves or not. Do to the symmetry and balance with other leg musculature the calves are commonly trained mainly for aesthetic purposes. But the muscles of the lower limb play a more important role than simple accents to basketball shorts or high heels. During standing posture, the soleus muscles act to control sway in the anteroposterior (AP) direction aided by contractions of the gastrocnemius. Since the soleus does not cross the knee (meaning it is not involved in knee flexion) it serves as an anchor to the foot, fibula, and tibia. In contrast, the gastrocnemius crosses the knee and contributes to locomotion via both plantar flexion and knee flexion.
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