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To Perform with Less Effort, Practice beyond Perfection
To Perform with Less Effort, Practice beyond Perfection
In the fitness industry the quest for caloric expenditure during exercise has reached a pinnacle as boot camps, industrial training, and pseudo-athlete conditioning have all become trendy and popular. However, if one is training to optimize safety and promote performance, an emphasis simply on caloric expenditure is counterintuitive. Strength and conditioning programs and skill-specific practices for athletes should be aimed at energy conservation so that adequate glucose is available to support the highest level of performance for the longest tolerable time. This requires proficiency in both the neuromuscular and metabolic systems. The improvements come from repeated rehearsal in the appropriate pathways in conjunction with the removal of resistance to the movement. While the prior suggests practicing the skill or task in the appropriate environment, the latter suggests foundational corrections for postural imbalances, improved stability, and improved range of motion at each joint.
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