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Interactive Workshop Course & Exam Plus Package
Interactive Workshop Course & Exam Plus Package

Key Program Benefits:

  • Content specific instruction by NCSF experts for optimal exam preparation
  • Hands-on learning for executing evaluation and training techniques
  • Certification exam voucher for on-demand testing
  • 300 Practice exam questions with detailed explanations
  • Hard copy textbook for an enhanced study experience
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$182.95 educational discount on the Workshop Course & Practice Exam when you purchase the Workshop Combo Plus Package!
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This comprehensive personal trainer certification option provides the greatest educational value at a significant discount. The hands-on workshop course is combined with our most popular study tools and a voucher for the certification exam. Using the 2-day, content focused workshop, home study materials, and practice tests that mirror the certification exam, students will have optimal preparation for success on the certification exam. This is the ideal package for students interested in interactive learning and maximal exam preparation.
Interactive Workshop Course & Exam Plus Package
Package Contents
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Personal Training Textbook
Personal Training Textbook (Digital Edition)
Workshop Reference Guide
Instructional Videos
Lesson Notes
Questions and Answers
Review Quizzes
Instructor Support
2-days of workshop instruction (16 hours)
NCSF Personal Trainer Certification Exam
Online Practice Exam Combo
Membership (One Year)
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