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Setting Standards, Developing Professionals, and Serving the Public through Education and Certification
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Partnering with the NCSF


The NCSF maintains expert staff that can provide enhancement services to improve or grow existing programs, provide additional leadership on collaborative efforts of local and national organizations, or help schools, institutions, businesses, and organizations facilitate new programs and offerings. The NCSF employs both Academic and Professional Doctors to oversee discipline specific activities, training, and curricula. Let’s do something good together.

Fitness Facilities

Become a corporate partner to receive discounted programs and certification opportunities. The NCSF partners with facilities in the areas of corporate pricing, education hosting, instructional seminars, continued education, and even training school profit centers.


The NCSF already serves national organizations through expert representation, collaborative efforts and support. One of the NCSF’s greatest resources is the discipline experts who serve as industry and educational leaders. Through shared efforts we can produce a stronger outcome.


Colleges and Universities can benefit by connecting their students with on the job skills, cutting edge information and career opportunities while the professors experience the direct support of a discipline specific national credentialing organization. The NCSF offers turn-key college courses, curricular assistance for accreditation, on-site certification programs, and opportunities for students to connect with the industry.

Education Providers

Companies looking to expand their education offerings can do so by partnering with the NCSF education division. The NCSF provides educational programs on a large variety of topics including turn-key licensed courses for the personal trainer. The NCSF works with other educational companies to encourage quality continued education courses through our providership program for NCSF certified trainers desiring new knowledge and skills.

High Schools

The NCSF recognizes the importance of health and fitness in the schools as well as the need to help teachers provide strategic education interventions to their students. Subject matter experts can provide teacher training, education seminars, and in-service programs to meet the specific needs of the population. Schools can use all the support they can get, find out more how the NCSF can help.

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