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Trainers – Be Ready for the New Year Hiring Spree


Trainers – Be Ready for the New Year Hiring Spree
  Dec. 12, 2016


It is almost the New Year, and gyms are hiring. Owners and fitness managers are going to need to retain trainers to meet the increased demand as new members flock to local studios and health clubs during the winter and spring of 2017. While personality and knowing the right person at the right time will certainly increase your chances of being hired at a facility, there are a variety of other necessities that a “Trainer-for-Hire” should have organized. From updating your resume, to ensuring you have your paperwork ready - the following list of steps can be used to assist you in your hunt for the right job this New Year.

  1. Ensure your certification is up to date - While it seems obvious, it is not uncommon for an exercise professional to be unaware their certification has expired. Potential-hires need to ensure that their certification is in good standing. Legitimate certifications will have credential verification access by their respective Board for Certification. NCSF CPTs can view their name and expiration date in the United States Registry of Exercise Professionals at

  2. Understand your Certification Accreditation - NCCA accreditation represents a prestigious external audit of all facets of the certification program, and the organizations that assess professional competency. Many employers require their trainers have NCCA-accredited exercise professional certifications such as the NCSF CPT.

  3. Have your paperwork handy - While we are in the digital age, an interviewer often asks for physical copies of any significant certifications or transcripts. Having a college degree in the field (e.g. BSc. in Exercise Science) is a boost to your application; also having a copy of your diploma, certification, and CPR card is a good idea and demonstrates forethought.

  4. Moderate your social media - Many employers will evaluate potential hires using web searches and social media to gain insight into their background. While it is not necessary to have thousands of followers to be hired as a trainer, having a page with unprofessional or inappropriate images can certainly throw a wrench in a job opportunity.

  5. Have an updated resume - It is not uncommon for employees to update their resume only when they need it the next day for a job interview. Prepare for the hiring spree by updating your resume to ensure it is current and correct. If using a cover letter, tailor it to the job and use your resume to reference key skills.

  6. Be ready for more than one job responsibility - Not all fitness facilities have a sales force and customer relations department. When an interviewer asks, be ready to discuss job responsibilities outside of Personal Training. If you are able to prove your worth to the company in different ways you will make yourself more likely to be hired and even promoted.

  7. Be ready to hit the ground running – New Year hiring is often done out of need, not in preparation. Therefore, any new staff member must be ready to start marketing and training immediately upon employment.
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