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High Fitness can Lead to a Brain like Einstein


High Fitness can Lead to a Brain like Einstein
  May. 26, 2015


Einstein’s intelligence has been a subject of many conversations. The influential German born physicist wowed society with his theory of relativity, leading to the intrigue in the organ responsible for all critical thought – his brain. While Albert Einstein was born genetically gifted, it is possible for the average person to improve brain function. This was demonstrated by new research out of Boston University Medical Center which found that cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) may have a positive impact on white matter in the brains of aging adults, diminishing the potential for age-related brain damage.

Comparing younger adults (18-31) with older adults (55-82), investigators found that the link between CRF and the structural integrity of the brain was limited to the older population. While the other benefits of maintaining CRF throughout life are well known and include general improvements in health and mood, this novel research should further motivate adults to maintain their CRF over the course a lifespan.

Scott Hayes, PhD and an assistant professor of psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine and lead author of the study would like to further investigate the role of intensity, frequency and type of exercise on brain developments. For example, Hayes suggests comparing resistance training, aerobic training and combined training on brain architecture.

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