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The Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals® Announce USREPS Badge


The Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals® Announce USREPS Badge
  Mar. 30, 2015


The Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals® (CREP) has made significant progress in 2014. The organization has grown the United States Registry of Exercise Professionals® (USREPS) to over 160,000 including all NCSF certified personal trainers. Now qualified professionals from NCCA-accredited, member organizations have a new distinction to go along with the credential verification and acknowledgement of registration, as CREP releases the registered exercise professional badge. The new “Find Me” Badge is a digital mark which functions as an electronic visual representation verifying all current exercise professional credentials listed in the USREPS®. Only exercise professionals listed in the registry may use the “Find Me” Badge along with those employers who hire only professionals listed in USREPS for the specific purpose of identifying appropriately-qualified staff on profile pages. CREP provides the “Find Me” Badge to professionals and employers to help market the skills of registered exercise professionals.

For exercise professionals this is an important step in recognition by regulators, employers, and consumers. The registration badge reflects an important level of professional achievement as a qualified exercise professional listed in the USREPS®. This badge indicates that those listed in the registry are qualified to assist clients in safely and effectively reaching their recreation or performance goals of achieving more active, healthy lifestyles through movement, physical activity or exercise. Whether used on a website or business card, the badge will provide a visual mechanism to alert employers and consumers of your valid certification(s) status. For the first time in the industry there is a unified verifiable distinction, as the registration badge represents professionals who maintain their certification in good standing with their member organizations, indicating to consumers, referring professionals and employers that the certification the professional holds is current and valid.

All NCSF-certified professionals in good standing will be able to access the badge online. Simply follow the step-by-step download instructions from the link on the USREPS website or type in the URL ( in your browser. The Registry’s detailed metadata can be attached for easy look-up in USREPS®. Registered professionals are asked to follow the Usage Guidelines which outlines the approved uses of the badge; including size, color, and placement. The guidelines contain hard copy and web-based/electronic examples of how to display the badge for optimal use.

It is the professional’s responsibility to maintain their certification to be included on the registry. A pre-requisite for use of the badge is a current certification registered in USREPS®. If a professional is reported and found to be misusing the badge, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. Professionals and employers can use the badge on social media platforms, business cards, and web-based advertising.

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