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A Handful of Grapes a Day Improves Fat Burning Capacity


A Handful of Grapes a Day Improves Fat Burning Capacity
  Feb. 23, 2015


Consuming certain foods may improve your body’s ability to oxidize fat. An investigative study in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry (January 2015) found that consuming dark-colored grapes - either as whole fruit, juice or wine – drastically hindered fat cell growth and formation, as well as increased fatty acid metabolism in the liver. The researchers were able to isolate a specific compound found in the grapes, ellagic acid, that proved to have the highest impact on fat cell metabolism.


The most recent study is part of ongoing research on the health impact of grapes. Prior studies published in 2013 out of the same research group found that mice who consumed Pinot noir grape extract, even if they over-consumed a high fat diet, were not experiencing as much fat accumulation in the liver and had lower blood sugar than counterparts that had a similar diet without the grape extract. The ellagic acid found in grapes is hypothesized to increase activity levels of cellular proteins that metabolize fat and sugar, thus leading to the results found in both studies.

While the studies were conducted on mice and in laboratories, the total volume used of the grape extract would be comparable to adding one and a half cups of grapes with lunch. However, it should be noted that grape consumption does not promote weight loss directly; instead it may potentially thwart fat accumulation in the visceral region, as well as improve liver function.

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