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Live Workshop Course Option
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Certified Personal Trainer Workshop Preparation

Certified Personal Trainer Workshop Option

Although the NCSF recommends completing the Workshop registration approximately 4 to 6 weeks prior to the workshop date, this does not mean all studies have to be completed by the event. Since the workshop is a component of the study and preparation for the certification exam, a candidate may choose to use it at the beginning of the study phase to better gauge the specific emphasis of the test; during the study phase to help with the comprehension of reviewed material; or at the end of the study phase to ensure competency during the final preparations for the exam. The workshop focuses specifically on the content domains and the practice skills tested on the exam which can significantly improve comprehension of the testable content.


Candidates participating in the workshop course obtain professional membership in the organization for one-year. This benefit provides free access to expert NCSF staff offering the best education and service in the industry. Our staff of exercise physiologists provides immediate answers to your questions as well beneficial support during the entire preparation process. All NCSF staff members maintain a minimum of a Masters degree in Exercises Science and can be contacted via the NCSF toll free number or email.


The NCSF Certified Personal Trainer workshop itself is two days of high-energy instruction where candidates participate in interactive lectures and engage in a variety of dynamic activities under the guidance of expert NCSF instructors. The workshop is used to reinforce key course concepts through multi-media presentation and case study completion, as well as engage students through essential practical training and assessment techniques to ensure success on the exam and in practice.


Personal Trainer Workshop Program Topics:

Components of Health and Physical Fitness
Factors affecting individualized programs
Health Screening and Evaluation
Body Composition Analysis Techniques
Nutrition and weight management
Aerobic physiology and exercise programming
Anaerobic training and prescription
Training Systems and exercise adaptations
Comprehensive program development

Personal Trainer Workshop Practical Performance:

Biomechanics and functional anatomy
Dynamic stabilization and core training
Flexibility screen
Flexibility Training Techniques
Lower body training techniques
Upper body training techniques
Integrated training for function and performance

Certified Personal Trainer workshops are conducted on weekends from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Each candidate will have driving directions to the workshop as well as a checklist of what to bring within their course materials package. All activities are voluntary and instructional by nature.

 Certified Personal Trainer Workshop Breakdown
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