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Certified Strength Coach Exam Preparation
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NCSF Certified Strength Coach Course & Exam Package
NCSF Certified Strength Coach Course & Exam Package
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Certified Strength Coach Course


How does the Certified Strength Coach course operate?

Strength and Conditioning is becoming an increasingly popular topic in both educational settings and with practicing professionals. Improving an athlete’s ability to perform a sport is a highly sought after trait by many practitioners and the NCSF provides cutting edge, evidence-based information, directly applicable for individuals from personal trainers to collegiate strength coaches.


Upon registering for the course, candidates will receive the Advanced Concepts of Strength & Conditioning Textbook, e-Learning access including over 300 instructional and how-to videos, and practice exams. The program is set up to allow you to progress through the subject areas at your own pace, using the quizzes and activities to assess your knowledge. After completion of the activities present on the e-learning component and rehearsal with the practice exams, candidates will be prepared to take the NCSF-Certified Strength Coach (CSC) Exam.


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How long does it take to complete the program?

Upon enrollment, candidates will have six (6) months to schedule and take the NCSF-CSC Exam. Students should expect, on average, to take approximately 2-4 months to study the materials prior to testing.


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What does the e-Learning include?

The interactive e-Learning platform includes learning goals, course notes that correspond with each study area, as well as a variety of question and answer activities that promote learning the advanced concepts presented in the textbook. Each lesson is completed with an “assess your knowledge” component, consisting of multiple choice questions that correspond to the content presented on the NCSF-CSC Exam. Furthermore, the online platform includes over 300 instructional videos, which cover the large variety of performance based drills and lifts illustrated throughout the text, offering an easy reference tool for any strength coach or personal trainer.


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What does the CSC practice exam contain?

The CSC practice exam contains over 200 multiple choice questions that reflect the content areas of the NCSF-CSC Exam. The practice exams can be accessed directly from your account online, and can be attempted multiple times, with a variety of questions being presented in a unique fashion on each attempt. Students who perform well on the practice exams should be well prepared to take the NCSF-CSC Exam.


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Can I attend the workshop? What does the workshop contain?

The workshop can be purchased separately or as part of one of the initial course combination packages. If you have already purchased the home study course, contact the NCSF about enrolling in a workshop course.


The workshop is a hands-on, learn-by-doing seminar covering many of the lifts and drills found in the Advanced Concepts of Strength and Conditioning textbook. Most of the course will be conducted with students participating in the drills as they are being taught the content. Primary topic areas include flexibility and warm-up drills and expert instruction on the foundations of Olympic lifts and the assistive movements. Multiple hours will be dedicated to perfecting the Snatch and the Clean, as well as back squat, front squat, overhead squat, the presses and jerks, and assistive exercises.


Upon completion of the workshop, attendees will receive a certificate of completion indicating their attendance at the NCSF Strength Coach workshop and will be awarded seven (7) NCSF CEUs for participation.


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What does the textbook cover?

The NCSF Advanced Concepts of Strength and Conditioning textbook contains 18 chapters and is over 650 pages, providing an evidence-based, in-depth look at the primary topics in the field of strength and conditioning. The text begins with an overview of strength and conditioning, identifying key elements in sport-specific needs analysis and an in-depth look at performance assessment. From there, the book will cover biomechanics, corrective exercise, sport metabolism, and nutrition/ergogenic aids before delving into performance preparation. The remaining chapters provide increasingly up-to-date and evidence-based information on technical and programmatic considerations of strength and conditioning. Accompanying the hundreds of exercises and drills described in the textbook are online video instruction, contained in the e-learning supplement.


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How does the examination process work?

The NCSF-CSC course is designed to prepare students for the NCSF-CSC Exam. Successful completion of the examination is required to obtain the certification. The exam is administered by appointment on-demand at over 1,000 testing centers operating in 83 countries. Registration for the exam is required prior to scheduling an appointment, and can be done online, or over the phone at 800-772-NCSF(6273).


The examination is comprised of 150 multiple choice questions. Candidates must achieve a score of at least 70 to earn NCSF-CSC status. You can find more information about the NCSF-CSC Exam on the Certified Strength Coach Exam portion of the website.


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What do I receive after I pass the Certified Strength Coach Examination?

Upon successful completion of the NCSF-CSC Exam, the NCSF will mail your certification package which should arrive within two weeks of exam completion. Your certification package includes a certificate suitable for framing that indicates you have met the standards set forth by the NCSF Board for Certification for the CSC credential.


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How do I register for the course?

Once you have decided to enroll in the NCSF Certified Strength Coach course, you can simply register online using a major credit card, or by contacting the NCSF directly at 800-772-NCSF(6273).


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Can I obtain continued education through the CSC course?

The NCSF Board for Certification has approved the Certified Strength Coach course for eight (8) NCSF continued education units (CEUs). Successful completion of the course is determined by passing the NCSF-CSC Exam. This program will also satisfy the 1 unit ethics requirement required of all NCSF certified professionals. Non-NCSF certified professionals will need to contact their respective certifying organization to verify the value. We recommend verifying prior to enrollment if you intend to use the program for continued education. The workshop can also provide students with seven (7) NCSF CEUs.


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Can I attend the workshop solely for CEUs? If so, how many CEUs are awarded?

Yes. If you are looking to obtain CEUs for any of the NCSF certifications, you can attend the workshop and obtain seven (7) CEUs for participation. If you are looking to apply the CEUs toward a non-NCSF credential, please contact your certifying organization to verify the CEU values.


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What are the prerequisites for the course?

The NCSF-CSC course itself is available to all candidates interested in learning more about the field of strength and conditioning. In order to take the NCSF-CSC Exam, individuals must have obtained the NCSF-CPT certification or any other NCCA accredited personal trainer certification. In the absence of an NCCA accredited personal trainer certification, candidates with a college degree would be qualified to sit for the NCSF-CSC Exam. If you have any questions about eligibility, please contact the organization at 800-772-NCSF (6273).


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Can I purchase the materials separately?

Yes. The materials that are available for individual purchase include the textbook, practice exams, interactive workshop, and NCSF-CSC Exam.


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