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Completing the Sport Nutrition Specialist Course


Once you have registered for the Sport Nutrition Specialist program, you will have access to the online study materials through your account on the NCSF website. The study tools include the Sport Nutrition Specialist e-Learning platform, 16 lecture videos, 200+ practice exam questions and the SNS digital flashcards. The Sport Nutrition e-Learning is the key to your preparation success; it provides all your study notes and complements the lecture videos, flashcards and practice exam. Each lesson within the e-Learning uses a “read, write and apply” format that focuses on the key learning objectives, extracts the relevant test content, and assesses your knowledge. Once you have completed your studies and preparation, you can register for your exam at the date, time and location of your choice.

NCSF E-Learning Platform

Sport Nutrition Specialist E-Learning Access:


The NCSF e-Learning platform gives you the opportunity to work through the course lesson-by-lesson using the notes, activities, practice questions and review quizzes. Additionally, 16 video lectures are available and complete lessons can be accessed from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


The Sport Nutrition Specialist e-Learning is divided into 16 lessons covering the following topics:

  • Lesson 1. Nutrients
  • Lesson 2. Nutrients and Recommended Intakes
  • Lesson 3. Fuel Sources for Muscle and Exercise Metabolism
  • Lesson 4. Energy
  • Lesson 5. Gastric Emptying, Digestion, and Absorption
  • Lesson 6. Carbohydrate
  • Lesson 7. Fat
  • Lesson 8. Protein and Amino Acids
  • Lesson 9. Water Requirements and Fluid Balance
  • Lesson 10. Vitamins and Minerals
  • Lesson 11. Nutrition Supplements
  • Lesson 12. Nutrition and Training Adaptations
  • Lesson 13. Body Composition
  • Lesson 14. Weight Management
  • Lesson 15. Eating Disorders in Athletes
  • Lesson 16. Nutrition and Immune Function in Athletes
NCSF Sport Nutrition Specialist Study Guide

Sport Nutrition Specialist Practice Exam:


The Online Practice Exam gives exam candidates instant access and the opportunity to simulate testing conditions with new test questions each attempt. The practice exam resembles the level of difficulty and relative content of the NCSF SNS exam and draws from a pool of over 200 questions to allow students to self-evaluate their readiness to take the NCSF SNS exam.

NCSF Sport Nutrition Specialist DVD

Sport Nutrition Specialist Flash Cards:


The NCSF SNS flashcards are designed to dramatically improve content comprehension and shorten study time in preparation for the SNS exam. Combining a traditional question and answer format with a modern digital layout, the 200 flashcards are proportioned in accordance with the weight of each topic covered on the NCSF SNS exam.


Instructor Support:


Our expert support team is standing by to assist you during the study experience. Simply contact us at any time with any questions and our instructors will guide you through the learning process. All NCSF instructors possess a graduate or doctoral degree.

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