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Personal Trainer School
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Personal Trainer School FAQs

Certified Personal Training School Option

How does the Personal Trainer School operate?

For those candidates who are looking for maximal supervision and structure throughout the learning and preparation process, the NCSF offers a 32 contact hour instructional Personal Trainer School. The schools, which are currently offered through colleges and career schools throughout the United States, teach the same theories and practical skills as the other NCSF educational models (Home Study & Workshop), but incorporates more hands-on learning than the other educational models offered.


The Personal Trainer School consists of 32 hours of high-energy instruction. Within each class candidates will participate in both an interactive lecture and a practical hands-on training segment. Under the guidance of an expert, the Personal Trainer School systematically teaches candidates the key course concepts and reinforces it through practical training instruction within a fitness-training environment. Under close supervision from experts in the field, students will have the opportunity to review client profiles, make appropriate activity recommendations based on sample client health histories, perform various screening and fitness evaluations, learn proper training instruction, and perform a comprehensive metabolic analysis for weight management considerations.


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What does the course materials package consist of?


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What topics are covered during the Personal Trainer School?

The Personal Trainer School consists of both a PowerPoint interactive lecture segment and a practical hands-on training segment. Course instructors will lead the class through a review of the technical aspects of exercise science theory and combine the theory with practical training activities during the second part of each class meeting. This unique approach to teaching better assists the student with comprehension and retention of key exercise principles. The Course Curriculum lists all of the topics covered within the program.


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How does the examination process work?

The Personal Trainer School is used as an assistive educational tool for candidates looking to earn the NCSF Certified Personal Trainer Credential. Once a candidate completes the Personal Trainer School course they should be adequately prepared to take and pass the NCSF Certified Personal Trainer Certification Exam.


The examination is administered by appointment at over 400 state-of-the art Prometric testing center locations throughout the United States and Canada. To take the exam candidates must first register using either the online registration process or over the phone by calling 800-772-NCSF(6273).


The exam is comprised of 150 questions and students need to earn a passing score to earn the NCSF Certified Personal Trainer credential. For more information visit the Exam Policies and Procedures located on our website.


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What do I receive after I pass the NCSF-CPT Exam?

Upon successful completion of the NCSF Certified Personal Trainer Exam you will receive a complete certification package. Included in your package will be a certificate suitable for framing, which indicates that you have met the certification standards set forth by The National Council on Strength and Fitness and have earned the title of NCSF Certified Personal Trainer. You will also receive an accompanying wallet sized professional membership card signifying your certified status, and continuing education information. This package will be forwarded to you within two weeks of passing the NCSF Personal Trainer Certification Exam.


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Where and when are the Personal Trainer Schools offered?

The Personal Trainer School is a structured 32 contact hour course offered at various colleges and career schools throughout the year. For a listing of schools as well as class schedules visit the Find a Training School section.


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How do I register?

To enroll in a Personal Trainer School candidates should contact the school with which they would like to take the course. Each school manages their own registration process and enrollment fees. For a complete school listing and contact information visit the Find a Personal Trainer School page.


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