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Personal Trainer School
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Personal Trainer School Curriculum

Certified Personal Training School Option

The NCSF Personal Trainer School is a professional development program for students interested in entering the personal training profession. The 32 contact hour program addresses pertinent topics for the fitness professional and bridges the gap between theory and practice through practical hands-on training performed within the classroom and lab portion of the course. Following a structured read, write and apply format students will attain the knowledge and abilities necessary to competently perform the tasks required of successful fitness professionals.


Upon completion of the Personal Trainer School candidates should be well prepared to take the NCSF Certified Personal Trainer Examination. To find out more about the exam visit the certification exam section.


Personal Trainer School Program Topics:

Components of Health and Wellness
Health Screening and Evaluation
Lifestyle Management Techniques
Components of Functional Warm-up
Flexibility Assessment and Programming
Exercise Physiology
Body Composition Analysis Techniques
Resistance Training Techniques
Goal Setting
Informed Consent and Liability
Health Status Questionnaire
Structural Anatomy
Cardiorespiratory Testing and Programming
Components of Nutrition
Components of Muscular Strength and Endurance
Weight Management Strategies

Personal Trainer School Practical Performance:

Reviewing and Signing of Informed Consent
Health Status Questionnaire Review
Calculation of Desired Body Fat
Calculation of Resting Metabolic Rate
Evaluation of Resting Blood Pressure
Energy Expenditure VS Weight Loss
Kcal Expenditure from O2 Utilization
Cardio Training Intensity Computations
Exercise Starting Points and Progressions
Biomechanics Term Review and Application
Rotator Cuff Strengthening Training
Flexibility Training Techniques
Girth Estimation of Body Fat
Skinfold Estimation of Body Fat
Lifestyle Questionnaire review
Evaluation of Resting Heart Rate
Case Study Dietary Considerations
RMR calculations using METs
Free Weight Resistance Training Techniques
Functional Resistance Training Techniques
Submax Step Test Administration
Functional Warm-up Performance
Case Study Nutritional Review
Abdominal and Core Training Techniques
Ten Point Flexibility Assessment
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