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Certified Personal Trainer College Program
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Certified Personal Trainer College Program Faculty Information

Certified Personal Trainer College Option

The NCSF has created the ideal and most complete integration model for two and four year institutions. The organization uses both Academic and Professional experts to unite the best of practice and education for programmatic and student success. The fitness industry is moving forward at a rapid pace and education institutions have an obligation to provide the most up-to-date, evidence-based training and instruction to students so they succeed in their chosen career path. The NCSF personal trainer certification is an excellent complement to a degree, denoting qualified job specific skills to employers. It is invaluable to maintain the connection between industry and the educational institutions to avoid fragmentation and antiquation. The NCSF can help you accelerate your academic program, find out how.

Career and Internship Program:
Internship Finder:

Many schools require an internship or practicum as part of a degree seeking program and the NCSF strongly supports this requirement. To assist in helping connect the Colleges and Universities to the fitness industry and identifying qualified intern sites the NCSF has created the only internship network in the industry. Students meeting their school eligibility requirements can search the site for local and national internship opportunities and apply anywhere in the country.

Career Center:

Students that have earned their NCSF Personal Trainer Certification can find jobs in the NCSF career center regardless if you have graduated or not. Employers are looking for both degreed and non-degreed NCSF certified professionals for jobs of all levels. Search by state or nationally to find the right job for you.

Educational Models:
Upper Division:

This particular program is ideal for a college or university that offers either a two- or four-year degree in a movement science or related field of study. Schools that do not offer a specific qualifying major may still choose to offer this course option as a stand alone elective. It is recommended that students have defined pre- or co-requisite course work that will allow for more in depth coverage of the materials. The Upper Division Model assumes a minimum aptitude in certain life sciences such as Anatomy, Physiology, and Nutrition. This established “requisite aptitude” allows for greater topic detail and expanded content coverage. This program is designed as an upper division course.

Lower Division:

This course option can be implemented in two- or four-year institutions that do not have a defined field of study for the program or prefer to offer the course as an elective without required pre-requisite course work. This educational model allows students more time on the essential and often more challenging components of the program while still covering all of the necessary content areas for success on the NCSF-CPT Exam. This program is often better suited for community colleges or lower division class schedules.

Testing Options:
On-Campus Testing:

Become a testing site for the NCSF Board for Certification NCSF-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer Exam). Add prestige and enhance your program by joining the universities around the country that offer the NCCA accredited Personal Trainer Certification on campus. Schools that qualify can have the NCSF exam delivered directly to their respective institution at the discretion of the faculty. Students can sit for the national board examination at reduced fees and in a familiar testing environment.

Off Campus Testing:

The NCSF offers its Personal Trainer Certification exam at approximately 400 testing centers throughout North America offering convenient locations, on-demand scheduling, and the highest quality administration of computer-based examinations. Students can schedule an exam appointment for the date, time, and location of their choice. Results are provided immediately upon completion of the exam.

Curricular Assistance:

The NCSF works with hundreds of professors across the country and utilizes this network to assist other professors and instructors with programmatic ideas and concerns. Additionally, the NCSF can assist in updating your curriculum to reflect the most current requirements of the industry to ensure your programs will comply with accreditation requirements as well as legislative initiatives.

School Directory:

The National Council on Strength and Fitness has partnered with hundreds of colleges and universities to offers its Personal Trainer Certification Program in both elective and course sequence models. Universities can enhance their course offerings and increase student marketability while connecting directly to the fitness industry through this program.

NCSF Faculty Distinction Program:

Individuals that work with the NCSF to improve the industry can earn the distinction of recognized NCSF faculty. Boost your annual evaluation with this distinction while being recognized for your efforts and contributions to the field.

On Campus Symposiums:

The NCSF can provide training and instruction assistance directly on your campus. Although strong in theory backed education many programs lack fundamental hands-on training due to a lack of resources. The NCSF faculty can deliver lab based instruction at your school in an on-demand format.

Campus Recreation:

The NCSF recognizes the importance of campus recreation to student life and understands that many students want the education and training common in the exercise science majors but are pursuing other career paths. The NCSF can provide the Certified Personal Training workshop to campus recreation programs in both on-demand and traditional scheduling options. If your school would like to open up the fitness education to all students the NCSF can help.

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