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NCSF en Español

NCSF Personal Training Courses & Exam Options in Spanish


The NCSF Personal Trainer Certification in Spanish is offered throughout North America, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean. It can be done via distance learning or directed learning models. The program provides the exact same outcome as our English version and therefore the Personal Trainer Certification is completely portable across languages and countries. Spanish speaking personal trainer certification candidates may chose to study and test in whichever language best prepares them for success. For instance, a candidate may prefer to study in English and test in Spanish. In addition, the NCSF provides complete technical support in Spanish to ensure your questions are answered regardless of where you are in the world.


The eligibility requirements for the NCSF Personal Trainer Certification are the same regardless of which country a candidate was born in or were the candidate would like to take the exam. The Personal Trainer testing experience is consistent, regardless of language or geographical location of the candidate.

Spanish Exam Preparation Course

The NCSF offers a Spanish language home study program to prepare candidates for the personal trainer certification exam. The course covers the same content as the English version, focusing specifically on the content areas of the exam. This program is bundled to optimize success on any version of the certification exam.

Spanish Personal Trainer Certification Exam

The NCSF personal trainer certification exam is offered completely in Spanish using the same format as the English versions. Spanish speakers now have the opportunity to sit for the certification exam in any of the NCSF test centers throughout North, South, and Central America as well as the Caribbean. Regardless of the language used on the exam the outcome leads to the same internationally recognized credential.

Spanish Personal Trainer School

The NCSF has partnered with numerous schools, institutions and facilities to provide the NCSF Personal Training School. The Program is completely in Spanish with multimedia presentations, activities and lessons. This program can be licensed to qualifying candidates or can be taught by NCSF instructors in applicable areas.

NCSF Español

The NCSF maintains an organization website completely devoted to Spanish speakers. To access information in Spanish simply click on

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