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NCSF Certified Personal Trainer e-Learning Platform

NCSF e-Learning: Your Course, Anywhere, Anytime


The NCSF e-Learning platform is an advanced educational system designed to assist individuals preparing for NCSF Certification Exams. These cutting edge learning resources divide certification programs into thier primary lessons, mirroring the content areas of the exams. The platform provides students with the opportunity to review lesson notes, work on question and answer activities, and take quizzes to measure content understanding. All work can be verified with the lesson answer key to ensure students are progressing toward the correct learning outcomes. Additionally, video and audio presentations are available to aid in the mastery of the program content and complete lessons can be accessed from your computer, tablet, or favorite smartphone device.


Sample: CPT e-Learning lessons:

  • Lesson One
    Functional Anatomy

  • Lesson Two
    Muscle Physiology
    Endocrine System

  • Lesson Three
    Physical Fitness and Health

  • Lesson Four
    Pre-Exercise Screening and Test Considerations
    Assessment of Physical Fitness

  • Lesson Five
    Energy-Yielding Nutrients
    Non-Energy Yielding Nutrients
    Nutritional Supplementation

  • Lesson Six
    Body Composition
    Weight Management

  • Lesson Seven
    Exercise Programming Components
    Flexibility Assessment & Programming
    Programming for Cardiovascular Fitness
    Anaerobic Training

  • Lesson Eight
    Resistance Training Techniques
    Functional Training Concepts
    Creating and Exercise Program

  • Lesson Nine
    Considerations for Special Populations

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