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Certified Strength Coach

Certified Strength Coach Program


The Certified Strength Coach (CSC) course represents knowledge domains in the top tier of human performance. The college course provides cutting edge information on programming and the implementation of training models for a broad range of athletes. The course provides both theoretical competencies and practical skills executed through labs. Practical experiences are based on the institution’s resources, so instructors and professors may choose from a variety of lab options to best fit the specific needs of the school. The CSC course is open to all participants but only those already certified with an NCCA accredited personal trainer credential in good standing or who hold a degree in exercise science or related field, or a REPs credential, level 3 or higher may sit for the NCSF-CSC Exam.

Once you have spoken with an NCSF educational advisor, the organization will forward a complimentary set of Instructor Course Materials for curriculum review and use during the course. This FREE set of materials of course materials includes:
Advanced Concepts of Strength & Conditioning Textbook
The Textbook is the premier text for up-to-date, evidence-based information in the field. Presented in 18 chapters, the textbook progresses from an introduction to the strength and conditioning profession, through Sport Analysis and Performance Assessment, into Sport Biomechanics and Metabolism, and addresses Performance Preparation, foundational and Olympic Weightlifting, SAQ, Programming for Sports Performance and culminates with Injury Prevention and Return to Competition. Included with the text are over 150 illustrations of essential Olympic and performance-based lifts and conditioning drills.
E-Learning Lessons
The interactive e-Learning platform gives you the opportunity to review lesson notes, work on question and answer activities, and take quizzes to measure your understanding of the content. Additionally, over 300 video demonstrations of various performance based lifts and drills are available and complete lessons can be accessed from your computer, tablet, or favorite smartphone device.
Practical Lab Activities
The program comes with optional lab activities that faculty can include as part of the program. Consisting of topics and situations often experienced and required in the field of strength and conditioning, such as assessment, programming, Olympic and foundational lifts are included and can be used at the instructor’s discretion.
Lesson Plan
The time consuming process of creating detailed lesson plans for a full semester course has been eliminated. The NCSF provides each instructor with a full semester of lesson plans. Conveniently segmented into 18 lessons, the plan dictates individual class lecture and discussion topics, reading assignments, and recommended homework assignments. Reference pages are included for efficient teacher referral and effective lesson management.
Advanced Multimedia Presentations
The NCSF provides each instructor with a complete set of PowerPoint slides pre-formatted for each class lesson. Learning objectives are contained within the PowerPoint of each slide.
Practice Exam Questions
The instructor course materials include practice exam questions that can be used to create topic specific exams and quizzes. Created in simple Word format, the questions can be easily manipulated to create various styles of exams (essay, true or false, and multiple choice).
Course Syllabus
A course syllabus is ready for handout on the first day of class. Simply add your name, phone number, and office hours. It covers each and every class activity as illustrated by the course lesson plan. It can be manipulated as necessary to serve your individual needs.
Theoretical Competencies
Introduction to Strength and Conditioning
Sport Analysis for Program Development
Performance Assessment for Elite Athletes
Sport Biomechanics
Corrective Exercise
Sport Metabolism
Sport Nutrition
Ergogenic Aids
Performance Preparation
Foundations and Techniques for Olympic Weightlifting
Theories and Concepts for Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training
Technique and Instruction for Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training
Considerations for Programming
Programming for Sport Performance
Periodization Methods for Sport
Conditioning for Intermittent Sports
Training Methods for Endurance Sports
Injury Prevention and Return to Competition
Practical Components
Evaluation of Physical Readiness
Movement Analysis
Sport Specific Athletic Assessments
Corrective Exercise
Load Calculations
Velocity calculations
Advanced Strength Training
Ballistic and Plyometric Training
Olympic Weight Training
Speed, Agility, and Quickness
Two Convenient Testing Options:
NCSF Testing Centers
The NCSF provides its Certification exams at approximately 400 testing centers throughout North America offering convenient locations, on-demand scheduling, and the highest quality administration of computer-based examinations. Students can schedule an exam appointment for the date, time, and location of their choice. Results are provided immediately upon completion of the exam.
On-Campus Testing
Qualifying schools can add marketability to the program and convenience for the students by offering the exam on-campus. The NCSF will provide each school the necessary exam hosting and qualifying criteria and work with them every step along the way to successfully deliver this exam option.

Certified Strength Coach Exam Breakdown:

Exam Sections:

Performance Assessment and Evaluation11%


Sport Metabolism15%

Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids13%

Training Techniques for Athletic Performance18%

Advanced Programming for Sport20%

Injury Prevention and Return to Competition8%

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