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Personal Trainer Certification Exam
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Personal Trainer Certification Exam Content


The Personal Trainer Certification identifies individuals qualified to prescribe and instruct exercise for healthy individuals or those with controlled disease based on evaluative criteria. Eligible certification candidates must meet the minimum passing score to attain certification. The certification examination is comprised of 150 multiple choice questions proportionately sectioned to assess the requisite nine (9) content areas. The specific number of test items under each content area has been determined by the Job Task Analysis.


Exam Content Overview

The Personal Trainer Certification Exam is broken down as follows:
Functional Anatomy15%
Exercise Physiology10%
Physical Activity and Health Promotion6%
Screening, Evaluation and Professional Practice11%
Weight Management7%
Exercise Prescription and Programming Considerations19%
Training Instruction16%
Considerations for Special Populations5%
Certification Sample Test
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