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Single-Leg Stability Ball leg Curl

By: NCSF  on:  Jun 30 2016
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Purpose: The single-leg stability ball leg curl is an excellent exercise for improving gluteal activation and endurance, hamstring strength balance, lumbo-pelvic coordination as well as trunk stability.


Performance Pointers:

  • To obtain the starting position make sure the hips are fully extended, the heels are on the stability ball, and the torso is flat (plank-like stance)
  • Forcibly drive one heel into the ball and pull it towards the gluteals (the hip should be fully extended), while simultaneously flexing the opposite hip to a position perpendicular to the ground (the knee should be fully extended)
  • During the aforementioned actions the hips should not sag and there should be no rotation of the pelvis
  • Return to the starting position by slowly extending the working leg as the flexed hip returns back to a ready position on top of the stability ball
  • Maintain proper trunk activation throughout each repetition to ensure a neutral pelvic tilt
Marcus Tavarez
Date: Sep 13 2016 10:44 AM
This is a great exercise.
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