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DB Bench Swings to Stand

By: NCSF  on:  May 18 2016
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Purpose: The DB Bench Swing to Stand is a functional abdominal exercise that also serves to improve force transfer through the full kinetic chain.

Performance Pointers:

  • Start with the arms fully extended at the side of the body with the back against the bench and the feet flat on the floor
  • Initiate the movement by simultaneously swinging the dumbbells forward while performing trunk and hip flexion to sit up from the bench
  • As you attain a seated position and the dumbbells are progressing into shoulder flexion, use the upward swing to achieve an overhead dumbbell position while simultaneously completing the transition to a standing posture
  • In the end position you should be standing tall with the dumbbells directly overhead (biceps to ears), and then gradually descend back to the start position for the next repetition
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