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Personal Trainer & Health Fitness News

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When to Exercise
Date:  Sep 29 2014

For most hardworking individuals, there are only a few “time slots” available each day to fit in a workout. These usually occur in the morning before work, or in evening after work.

Organic Foods
Date:  Sep 22 2014

Shopping for groceries can be an expensive outing. As the quality of food increases, so does the cost; especially when the food item is “organic”. Conventional foods are often grown and handled using synthetic or chemical-based products. Conversely, organic foods are grown using all-natural products; better allowing them to retain their true nutritional value.

What’s in your Coffee?
Date:  Sep 16 2014

While global consumption of coffee continues to rise, the largest coffee producing countries are facing several complications that greatly affect coffee crops. Climate changes and ongoing outbreaks of a disease called “la roya” continue to damage coffee crops while simultaneously causing some South American coffee farmers to resort to using fillers such as soybeans, twigs, wood, dirt and husks to improve profit margins to compensate for supply shortages and increased costs.

Potential Negative Effects of Artificial Sweeteners Containing Sucralose
Date:  Sep 15 2014

Potential Negative Effects of Artificial Sweeteners Containing Sucralose

Napping for Productivity
Date:  Sep 8 2014

Many hard-working individuals often experience a mid-day lull. To help combat fatigue, researchers suggest taking a nap during the day to recharge the mind and body. Even a quick nap, lasting as short as ten minutes, has been shown to improve performance and alertness for up to 2 hours after waking.

Barbell Back Squat Compensations when Fatigued
Date:  Sep 2 2014

Exhaustive resistance training programs have increased in popularity among military as well as general populations in recent years. It is well understood that proprioception is altered during such activities due to significant peripheral fatigue; potentially impacting the safety and effectiveness of such programs.

Avoiding Running Injuries
Date:  Aug 25 2014

Running is one of the most popular forms of physical activity, and with increased participation, comes an increased incidence of injury. Men, women, and children of all ages are susceptible to these injuries which are often caused by overuse, whether it is chronic or acute. The American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation reported that about 70% of runners will become injured during their training tenure.

Gym Etiquette: What Not to Do
Date:  Aug 19 2014

When seeking to initially improve one’s health and fitness, gaining the motivation to actually get up and go to the gym can be difficult; especially if the individual is self-conscious about their body. The gym can be an intimidating environment; however, if you go in with an understanding of common etiquette - you are less likely to be embarrassed by looking like a fitness gaffe.

Displaying 1 - 8 of 89
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