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Sport Nutrition Specialist Exam Preparation
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Sports Nutrition Specialist Certificate


The Sports Nutrition Specialist Certificate program is designed for career-oriented professionals looking to expand their knowledge and skills in sports nutrition, a primary domain of the personal trainer profession. This advanced program is available to any NCCA-certified professional in good standing, individuals holding a bachelor's degree in exercise science, kinesiology, or related field, or individuals holding a REPs credential, level 3 or higher. The program takes an in-depth look at nutritional science and its application to sports and athletic performance. The latest evidence-based information is presented in a building block model affording fitness professionals the opportunity to develop the competencies necessary of a skilled practitioner, allowing them to expand their service offerings as a sports nutrition specialist. This advanced program goes far beyond a standard nutrition course, enabling learners to:

  • Differentiate nutritional fact from fiction with clear evidence
  • Understand the interaction of nutrients and their role in health and performance
  • Develop strategies to optimize performance for fitness as well as both anaerobic and aerobic sports
  • Educate clients on the efficacy of supplements and ergogenic aids for improved performance outcomes

Content Overview:


Nutrients and Recommended Intakes – Covers the function of nutrients; how fuels are optimized in the body; and how to analyze and implement nutritional data in practice.


Physiological Concepts for Nutrition – Identifies bioenergetic efficiency; factors that affect absorption and utilization; and the key roles catabolic and anabolic hormones play in bodily functions.


Macronutrients – Reviews the role of nutrients in performance and weight management as well as metabolic factors relevant to fueling for, and recovering from, training.


Micronutrients and Supplementation – Identifies the role of micronutrients and water in human performance and function; defines the role of supplements in the diet; reviews the most current supportive evidence; and clarifies governmental and sport regulations.


Nutrition and Physiological Adaptations to Exercise – Looks at the interaction between nutrition and adaptations, the relevance of body composition in health and sport, the key concepts of weight loss and gain, and eating disorders in athletes and the professional’s role in recognizing the signs and symptoms.

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Whether you are looking to help clients lose weight, enhance athletic performance, or optimize health through proven nutritional strategies, the NCSF Sports Nutrition Specialist Certificate program is the foremost offering in the fitness industry.


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