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Personal Trainer Course: Online and Offline Home-Study

personal training course

Our Personal Training Home Study Course,with its online and offline components, has become increasingly popular in both professional as well as university settings. Offering the convenience of self-paced learning, the NCSF Personal Training Home Study Course covers all the same topics as both the Workshop course option and the Personal Training School course option in an easy to follow online and offline course format.


Upon registration for the NCSF Personal Training Home Study Course, each candidate is sent a course materials package consisting of the Personal Training Course Textbook, Personal Training Course Manual, Personal Training Practical Lab Manual, and the NCSF Advanced Concepts of Personal Training 3-disc DVD series. Candidates also receive access to the NCSF e-Learning platform to enable them to study for the personal trainer course online. As the candidate progresses through the lessons they build a knowledge base that is applied during the practice and performance of the outlined training activities.


Putting exercise theory into practice is a key component to the proper completion of the online and offline components of this personal training course. Candidates are shown how to perform a variety of exercise assessments and training techniques, which correspond to the program lessons. The performance of these practical activities transfers the theoretical lessons into the tangible skills that professionals in the field of Personal Training are responsible for on the job.


Upon completion of all the readings and practical activities outlined in the Personal Training course online and offline materials, candidates should be well prepared to take the NCSF Personal Training Exam. The exam is given at Prometric testing centers at 400 locations throughout the United States and Canada. If you do not register for the exam at the time of your Personal Training Home Study Program enrollment you may do so at anytime after by contacting the NCSF at 800-772-NCSF(6273) or registering online.


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