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Interactive Workshop Course
Interactive Workshop Course
March 23rd & 24th 2013
Austin, TX
The Workshop Course is designed specifically for students who prefer a self-paced, directed study combined with a two-day, hands-on, learn by doing component that complements the learning experience. This format allows students the opportunity to review the exam content areas while turning theoretical concepts into practical applications required of a personal trainer under the guidance of expert NCSF instructors. Personal Trainer Workshops are conducted on weekends and are offered around the country throughout the year. They cover the same content areas as the Home Study and Training School courses.
List Price: $349.00
* This Workshop has been completed.
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Learning the intricacies of personal training can be a difficult task for those with little to no formal training. The NCSF Interactive Workshop course was created specifically for those candidates who desire an enhanced learning experience. The Certified Personal Trainer Workshop Course option utilizes a comprehensive home-study component combined with a two day hands-on learning segment.
Interactive Workshop Course
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2-days of workshop instruction (16 hours)
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Interactive Workshop Course
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Interactive Workshop Course
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